5 office supplies you should invest in now

You have started a new business, and bought an office space. What happens next? Possibly one of the most exciting parts of starting a new business is purchasing all the furniture and supplies you will need. Knowing where to buy the best furniture can be a breeze with websites like luminablog.co.uk, which lets you review furniture and office supplies with search options like UK business supplies stores in UK.

Your office will need a few things in order to operate efficiently:


From desks, ergonomic chairs, and desk organizers to couches and coffee tables for your breakroom, furniture plays a big part in the overall functioning of your office. Each employee will need a desk as well as an ergonomic chair to ensure they are able to do their job in comfort. Creating a fresh, calm space for employees to take a break is essential and will lead to better overall mood and increase productivity.


The internet is one of, if not the most, important things you will need to run our business. A strong, reliable internet connection is top priority in today’s business world as we do everything online, from reading and sending emails, to researching a topic for a project you are working on. When choosing an internet package, establish exactly what you will need it for, as well as how many people will be using the internet daily. It is better to go for an uncapped option, as this will not limit you in any way.

Kitchen supplies:

Employees are not machines and will need to take breaks every now and then. Having a kitchen stocked with the basics such as tea, coffee, milk, sugar, a kettle, cups, and a toaster or microwave encourages employees to take breaks and enjoy a hot beverage or a break from their desks. The kitchen is often where most office gossip takes place too, so be sure to pop in from time to time and have a friendly chat with an employee over a cup of tea.

Communication tools:

Communication is very important in the business world. From emails to calls and video conferencing, you need to ensure your company is equipped with the best communication tools possible. Many companies operate on a global scale, and would therefore meet with clients or colleagues based in another office. The best tool for this would be video conferencing. With technology advancing daily, even phone calls can be made from the comfort of your desk, using VOIP calling services. VOIP and video conferencing both require a strong, reliable internet connection.

Photocopiers and printers:

These may seem like they are an obvious item to have in a workplace, but making sure you have a good reliable printer and photocopier is essential. With most companies trying to go paperless to do their part for the environment, there are still some documents or contracts that need to be printed or photocopied, and making sure you have the best printer in terms of output and speed is important. Make sure to choose a printer that will not give up after a few uses, and that is made for an office setting.

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